Happy Halloween guys!! I hope you all have an amazing time whatever your plans are and you are all getting creative with your makeup looks. This morning I received the Halloween special Glossybox from my Godmother full of this seasons inspired beauty bits. The box itself is amazing and the contents inside are even better. As I’m writing this right now the Gucci Fall/Winter 19 show is playing on the TV in the background and when I tell you it’s giving me hugeee inspiration to get playing with these products, it really it!!

Halloween really is THE best time to experiment with your makeup and this Glossybox is the ultimate starter pack for the occasion. It consists of 6 different products: the Velvet Touch Palette by Stylondon, Lord & Berry’s Maximatte Lipstick Crayon, the Devil’s Dust Foaming Bath Powder from Bubble T, MCoBeauty’s Eye Define Crayon Liner, a Plumping Gold Peel Off Mask from Que Bella Beauty and last but not least a Sticky Toffee Pudding White Hot Chocolate (which I’m currently drinking right now) by Whittard of Chelsea.

Since I only got the box this morning and jumped straight into writing a blogpost about it before Halloween is over, I haven’t managed to play with any of the products and I can’t really offer an in depth review as it wouldn’t be fair or realistic. So, this post is going to be all about what the products are said to do and my first impressions.

MCoBeauty’s Eye Define Crayon Liner

Starting with what’s most likely going to be my favourite: The eyeliner. It has pretty pink packaging which contrasts nicely with the black and the product itself is more of a crayon than gel or pencil which is what I’m used too. Lately though, I have been loving creating the effect of a small winged liner with eyeshadow and after testing this out on my hand I feel as though this could be the product I’ve been waiting for.

On the information brochure it is described as the perfect eyeliner for a dramatic eye look. It’s creamy and high pigmented which we all know can go either two ways. It’s said to allow you to effortlessly create precise and intense lines and you can also blend it along your lash line for a striking, smokey effect. Hopefully it works as good as it sounds but I’ll keep you guys updated on how well it performs.

Whittard of Chelsea’s Sticky Toffee Pudding Hot Chocolate

There’s only so much you can say about Hot Chocolate especially when you’re a fashion blogger. It tastes delicious and I really enjoyed it. It promises to be lip-lickingly delicious and includes the flavors toffee and caramel making it perfect for this season. I am likely to buy this again because of its unusual flavouring. It’s the perfect hot drink to cozy up and read a book with this Autumn/winter time.

Link to the Whittard of Chelsea Website:

Bubble t X Glossybox’s Devils’s Dust Foaming Bath Powder

Honestly I never ever use bath powder and without the instructions I wouldn’t have a clue where to start. The packaging is cute and matches the same as the box as it is a collaboration with Glossybox themselves. It’s said to be the perfect way to relax and recharge at the end of an Autumnal day. All you do is whilst you’re filling your bath, add a splash of the foaming powder to your tub then the bubbles start appearing. Sounds like my kinda thing, I’ll have to let you guys know.

Lord & Berry’s Maximatte Lipstick Crayon 

How much more halloweeny can you get than with a dark red lipstick? This one’s in the shade ‘Devil Red’ which is the perfect name for this occasion and is a pretty small size which makes it easy for you to carry no matter where you’re going. Once again, according to the brochure it includes Vitamin E that glides effortlessly onto your lips and creates a smooth matte finish. It sounds perfect for this Halloween and they have definitely got the right shade covered.

Que Bella Beauty Plumping Gold Peel Off Mask

If you’re a reader of my blog, you’re bound to know by now how much I love face masks. This mask promises to moisturize, brighten and plump your skin by being enriched with hyaluronic acid salts and organic rose water. This will be perfect for after all the partying when you’re hungover the next day and just want to slouch around the house. If you’re going crazy this Halloween with the creative makeup then you will definitely be in need of a nice at home facial and this could be perfect for getting your face back to its clean normal self.

Stylondon’s Velvet Touch Palette

Then lastly we have the Autumnal shades eyeshadow palette. It includes 9 different shades perfect for this season or any makeup looks you’re planning to do for Halloween. They are said to all be highly pigmented to the point where one sweep of a shade on your lid will give you a sizzling pop of colour. There’s definitely a variety of different looks you can create with this palette and the different shades make it better to create depth on your eye and be able to go all out there with your looks.


Alsooo let’s talk about this packaging

This month’s box has to be my favorite out of all the ones I’ve had packaging wise. It has the Devil’s eye magnificently on the top and then a slogan on the side saying ‘Clever as the devil and twice as pretty’ which is such a cute touch. I can’t wait to get playing with all the goodies inside.

Thank you for reading, I hope you all enjoy your Halloween and have an amazing time celebrating. Let me know in the comments what was your favourite item from this months box?


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  1. moviefan607 says:

    Happy Halloween!

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    1. Thalia Jeavons says:

      You too!

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  2. Love it Thalia
    You’re amazing 😉 keep it up.💄👄💝🥰

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    1. Thalia Jeavons says:

      Thank you so much 🥰💘💓💘

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      1. You’re welcome Thalia.. can’t wait to see more of what you come up 🥰💝

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