I recently went shopping to Cheshire Oaks and made a few new purchases in the discounted Beauty Outlet which has everything from OPI nail polish, to ABH eyeshadow palettes. It sold body care, skin care, hair care, makeup items, makeup tools, bath bombs, hair extensions.. the lot of it. I must admit it’s not somewhere that I normally shop, I normally go in and nothing sparks my interest so I walk back out again, but this time was different.

If you haven’t seen the gel eye patch trend all over Instagram then it’s safe to say you’re living under a rock. I swear when I’m scrolling down my feed about 1 in every 4 people are flawlessly posing while having an under eye cleanse. So after seeing almost every beauty blogger recently talk about using these during their hectic fashion week, I had to see what all the fuss was about.

I got the Beauty Formulas Reviving Gold Eye Gel Patches for only £2.99! Since they were so cheap I didn’t exactly expect them to work miracles but I did kinda expect them to do at least a lil something. It’s safe to say they were a flop… and I think I was allergic to them. When I was sat down they immediately fell straight off my face, when I lay down it didn’t really matter because they stung so I had to take them off anyways, and when I came back to do it again a few days later the same thing happened again. It’s safe to say that next time I should listen to the bloggers and their recommendations and not just buy the £2.99 versions that could possible result in my head going red and then falling off… I guess you never know until you try tho right?..

After using the skin ruining, face blotching eye patches, as you could imagine, I was pretty skeptical about trying a peel off face mask from the same brand and again for only £2.99. My skin recently hasn’t been the best due to that time of the month and I’m breaking out all over my face so like every month when my period comes around face masks are ESSENTIAL to my skin care. This mask is made into 2 steps. Step 1 you rub into your skin and then wash off instantly, then step 2 is the actual gold infused mask. It said on the pack to wear for 15 minutes and then peel off, but 15 minutes had past and it still hadn’t dried up. I didn’t wanna keep it on so I washed it off with a cloth anyway which was a bad idea btw, after that I kept finding gold pieces on my skin that needs peeling off, but in all honesty it wasn’t as bad as I expected.

The bath bomb was probably the best thing that I brought out of the four things. I put it in as the water ran and it made the room smell of fresh Pineapples. Even though it looked cool, it wasn’t one of those ones that made it hard to empty the bath at the end. The bath was all yellow and smelt delicious. It wasn’t the most relaxing scent, but it was decent for a regular bath where I could have time to myself and read my book.

Lastly, I picked up the H2 EAU London Luxurious Body Wash. This is again Pineapple and coconut scented. In all fairness it did smell good, although it wasn’t one of those where a little went a long way. It left my skin smelling good and feeling smooth for a few hours afterwards but that was it.

Overall it wasn’t the best purchases but I enjoyed sharing with you guys what to not spend your money on. I enjoyed testing new things out and seeing what really works best on my skin and what doesn’t. Thank you for reading and let me know in the comments any recommendations for any decent versions of these products, I would love to see. Or let me know what products you regret spending your money on?

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