Since it’s now Autumn we have to say bye bye to skirts and hello to jeans. If you’re like me, finding the right pair of jeans that fit the length, waist and butt can be hard. Before you all get your hopes up all the jeans that I’m wearing in these pics I LOVE, but they do not suit all 3 of the main things jeans need! Why is finding the right pair of jeans so hard to ask for? It surely should not take taking 20 pairs into the changing room, coming out with 2 that fit amazing and then deciding that they’re not worth the whopping £200 they cost. If you find a great pair of jeans that fit btw help a girl out, as you can tell it frustrates me.

I feel like starting by saying since I love funky pants, I’m more of a joggers girl. When I go shopping in my local town and pop into River Island for a browse, there isn’t one pair of jeans that grab my attention and stand out enough to make me want to buy. I like cool, unusual pants that you’re not gonna walk out onto the street and see everyone in, I like anything but black jeans.. pleaseee I just wanna see some funky jeans in shops.

If you’ve just read that intro thinking ‘damn she’s passionate about her jeans’ then you are wrong. I find them uncomfortable and whenever I wear them I want to get straight back into my joggers. So why am I doing this post? Because being a funky pants lover, I know how hard it is to find a cool, nice pair of jeans that aren’t black!! So here’s 4 I picked out all at affordable prices from Missguided:

The Ripped Jeans 

The ripped jeans of all ripped jeans. Sand coloured jeans just have to be my favourite neutral toned jeans. They honestly match almost every outfit. You can dress them up, down, throw on a trench coat and look like you’ve just walked out of a Burberry store, wear bad ass black knee high heels, wear trainers, wear a colourful top, wear a basic top… you get the point. They are BOMB. A bonus also is that they are such an Autumnal colour, okay you guessed it.. these are my favourite out of the 4.

Link to buy: Sand Extreme Ripped Riot Mom Rigid Jeans

The Cropped Jeans

So these jeans were the perfect fit length wise, but round my waist… not so much. I paired the pastel pink with a pastel purple crop top. But since it’s autumn, I would pair them with a jumper I can tuck into the jeans so all the aspects of the jeans are still on show and the outfit is actually suitable for the minus 10 degree weather. The pants them self are so cute tho right? They’re very casual and can look great with a fitted statement belt, although I would recommend going a size down anyways.

Link to buy: Petite Pink Denim Cropped Kickflare Jeans

The Tie-dye

Another look that I put together that I loveeee. This one comes a close second I swear. I love how the jeans are such a statement piece that I could honestly pair anything with them and you’d still be drawn to the jeans. I wore a long sleeve white button up top and the white went amazing with the white in the pants. For the autumn, I would 100% wear these pants with a white or black turtle neck jumper, it would look soo cozy and I’m living for that cozy vibe in fashion right now. PS. my mum told me to tell you guys that this bag is Vegan friendly and you can pick one up at M&S (she was very proud of that purchase).

Link to buy: Pink Co Ord Tie Dye Straight Leg Jeans

The Colourful 

Last but not least are the jeans with the colour. Whereas yellow is more of a summer vibe, I can definitely dress these to be appropriate for autumn also. They’re the right length and I guess you can say they fit around the waist when I have an oversized tee tucked into them. I lovee yellow and black paired together so to re-arrange the style to make it more autumnal I would wear a black turtleneck jumper and it would look great. I feel like adding too much colour will make it more summery again, but if that’s your thing then I would definitely suggest pastels!

Link to buy: Yellow Riot High Waisted Mom Jeans

Hope you guys enjoyed. Thank you for reading and if you have any questions about other ways to style jeans then be sure to ask in the comments and I will be happy to help!

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  1. moviefan607 says:

    The tydi jeans are my favorite I think

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