Hey guys, welcome back to another book review. Last month I read a fairly old book by Caitlin Moran that my God mother lent to me and it’s safe to start with as funny as you can imagine one of Caitlin Moran’s books to be, this one doesn’t disappoint. Before my God mother told me about her, I won’t lie I’d never heard of her before. Buttt the way Caitlin Moran get’s described as ‘the woman who did a drunk interview with Lady Gaga’ obviously intrigued me into wanting to know more about her life. So I did what any of us would do and read the book.

There’s 16 chapters where Caitlin describes the process of her life growing up from a girl to a women. Chapters include titles such as ‘I start bleeding’, ‘I am a feminist’ and ‘I encounter some sexism’. Each chapter consists of Caitlin’s experiences growing up with her many siblings in their house in Brighton. She lived a hectic teenage life, worrying whether you can die from periods, fancying guys in rock bands, growing hair in all sorts of places, finding out about the inequality between the genders and trying to change it.. you know the usual.


Not only does it highlight the main features of growing up (puberty) it also highlights the toughness of teenage years. Chapter 6 is titled ‘I am fat’ which talks all about her encounter with being called names and criticized for not looking like everyone else. Although maybe not every girl has been called fat in their lifetime they have definitely been called plenty of other names which is why every woman can relate to this book at least a tiny bit.

Chapter 7 is a similar topic titled ‘I encounter some sexism’ where she talks about the lowkey, unintentional sexism women have to deal with on a daily. Other chapters include more sensitive topics such as abortion, why you should have a kid, why you shouldn’t have a kid and getting married. Even though I’m only 17 so obviously can’t relate to all these aspects, the book is very enjoyable and it was certainly a really fun read.

If you are a female, feminist, mother, daughter, worker or wife, this book’s for you. I enjoyed reading about Caitlin Moran’s life and for someone who had never even heard of her before, this novel has made me want to buy more. I seriously have no idea how this isn’t a movie yet.

It is a fun-filled educational book that plays on Caitlin’s intake on puberty, kids and marriage. Although you may not be able to relate to 100% everything it still is a must read, I’m almost certain you’ll enjoy it. There’s also a lot of life lesson quotes you’ll learn in here and almost most of them are about sexism – I loved it!

So that comes to the end of my Caitlin Moran ‘How To Be a Woman’ book review. I hope you guys enjoyed and let me know in the comments what your favorite part of the book was or any Caitlin Moran books I should read next!

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