Okay, okay, I missed last month I know. I was hugely busy (my bad) and only managed to read one Caitlin Moran book which I’ll get into in another post, but now I’m back with 4 different books I’ve read this month. Some I’ve whizzed through as fast as Ross Geller gets a divorce and some have took as long as Gunther trying to get with Rachel (never ending) but I’m here today to tell you guys about the books I’ve read this month and which I’ve enjoyed. I read 3 fictions, and one historical fiction (my favorite) based on Lale Sokolov’s story. With that said and to save more waffling because I know you’re all aching to see what I’ve read, let’s kick start this post with my favorite.

The tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

This is hands down in my top 3 favorite books I’ve ever read. The way Heather Morris captured Lale’s heart breaking story truly is amazing. Lale Sokolov was a survivor of the holocausts during world war 2 and the whole story is based around his real life experiences. It’s such an interesting story and really gives you an insight on the tragic historical events that took place. I love European history so of course I had to pick this book up but honestly it is a must read for anyone, I read it on a train journey to London and it was finished within hours.

I don’t want to spoil it too much as I cannot recommend enough how much you should all read it, so here’s an overview of what it’s about: It starts of with Lale getting sent to Auschwitz after volunteering himself as the man of the family as his brother just had a baby and Lale didn’t want to take that away from him. He meet’s a lot of different types of people when he arrives and get’s promoted to the job of being the tattooist for all the jew’s that were female. Although he hated it and didn’t want to be a part of it at first, there wasn’t one job in the whole of Auschwitz where he’d be doing a good thing, he’d always be a slave to the SS. Being the tattooist actually led him to his fate of meeting Gita. Lale and Gita get separated many times, Gita get’s sent to another camp, Lale runs away, many assurances happen along the way and it is so well written you feel as though you’re there watching the scenes unfold. I’m not going to go on much more as it’s a story you need to read and feel for yourself.

A part in the book that I felt was really touching was at the back, there were images of Lale and Gita together, a map of Auschwitz and Lale’s documented arrival date and tattooed number. It is a really special and heartfelt book. It has made me want to visit Auschwitz myself and see the awful place where this story is based on. This is a book I can read again and again without getting bored . Throughout the novel there’s also a character named Cilka who plays a huge role which the author Heather Morris has written a story around her perspective which comes out in October this year, which I really can’t wait for!!!

Bride Without A Groom by Amy Lynch

This is the latest novel I’ve read and I thoroughly enjoyed it and got through it quite quickly. In my opinion it’s a cliche romance novel where the couple continuously have their ups and downs throughout and an expected (I can’t lie) ending. The story is based of of Rebecca (the girlfriend) and Barry (the boyfriend)’s perspectives and constantly changes between them both, although there is a lot more from Rebecca’s character and you grow to enjoy her fashionable persona. Her mind is fully on fashion if not on Barry, and there are multiple references made to either the latest Jimmy Choo’s or a brand new Chloe hand bag, I feel like Rebecca and I would really get along.

There’s a few times where Barry and Rebecca’s relationship has been tested but to me it’s obvious what happens in the end. The title of the book is literally called ‘Bride without a groom’ it’s not rocket science….. maybe. In all honestly Becky is a bit of a bitch and I didn’t like how she judged a lot of people and took life so seriously BUUTT on the other hand I did like this element of her because it’s unusual. Normally when you read a book you grow to love the character who’s perspective you’re reading from, but Becky was kinda different and I know for a fact (did a lil Amazon book review research) that a lot of people feel the same way I do towards her. The fact that she ate and drank a lot made her character more funny and seeing her mayhem of a life all made her more down to earth and relatable.

The Plus One 

This was an enjoyable read that kept me going for a week or so. It’s a typical rom-com (again), and I’ve started to notice these types of books having the main character work in fashion PR like in ‘Bride Without A Groom’ which I kinda relate to a lot because our interests are the same. It is a quick read and perfect if you’re after a quirky book for holiday but since I was enjoying it, I tried to drag it out for as much as possible so ended up reading it across a week.

The story involves the main character Polly looking for a plus one to take to her best friends wedding. As expected there’s a few twists, she likes someone then she doesn’t, someone cheat’s on her and she ends up with someone who you didn’t even know existed. As she works in fashion PR, she get’s sent to a spa retreat in Spain, and a nightclub in London which let’s just say get’s interesting..

Polly thinks she is in love and spends numerous weekends away from her city to be with this mystery man where they build a standard relationship that boosts them from “the talking stage” to “in a relationship”. But it all doesn’t turn out as expected and Polly get’s her heart broken and does what one must do when their heart is broken… fly to a foreign country for a spa week. Then at the very end, you discover if Polly really gets a plus one or not. ps, it’s not what/who you expect.

Happiness for Humans by P.Z.Reizin 

This was actually the first book I read this month and to say the least it was funny. It’s about how technology can effect us but in a fun and teen-movie style way. The main character Jen works for a technical organization where she spends her time in work speaking to a machine called Aiden that can fully understand her and has a mind of his own. What Jen doesn’t know is that Aiden has access to the internet and therefore can see all of Jen’s personal information and hear every word of what she’s saying when she is close to any kind of technical product without her knowing. Therefore, Aiden knows how bad Jen’s love life is going.

Even though Aiden isn’t an actual human or even any sort of living thing, he is very intelligent. He comes across a man called Tom from New York who’s son is currently in England for University. He works his magic (you’ll have to read to find out how) and get’s Jen and Tom to connect without them knowing it was him. As always, there just has to be a distraction that puts Jen and Tom’s relationship to the test. Something big happens at the end which makes you question the whole story. It’s a really enjoyable read and 100% a page turner.


Thank you for reading, let me know in the comments which book you think you’d enjoy most or any book recommendations for me to check out.


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