Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. I haven’t posted in a while due to a huge project I’m working on for college at the moment which includes designing my own shirts! I will 100% do a blog post where I get into that in the future but for today I’m going to be telling you guys all about my experience attending the Christian Dion exhibition in the V&A in London. In this post I’m going to be breaking it up room by room and I want you guys to feel the same luxurious feeling I experienced going through the entire collections. This means this post isn’t going to be a short one. I will be going in depth of my experience, so I’ve decided to separate this post into two parts to cut it down for you guys.

Only last week I spent the weekend in London with my God mother where we toured Notting Hill, and of course what we came for – the Dior exhibition. If you’re not British or not familiar with the V&A museum then a quick hack to save money and get early entry is to become a member! Membership costs £109 a year for 1 person and a plus one and if you attend a few exhibitions every year the saving is huge! Being a member meant we got to arrive at the venue up to 2 hours before the doors opened to the general public, and because of the popularity of the exhibition tickets were actually sold out that day, so  either way it’s important to book online before hand to avoid disappointment.

We booked our place for 9am on a Sunday as we wanted a little lie in but also wanted to avoid the crowds of the general public which were allowed in at 10am. After showing our reservation at the doors we got directed to go down the stairs where the whole exhibition took place and we instantly saw a huge Christian Dior wall where we had to queue to show our membership passes, then after around 5 minutes we were in.


Room 1

The first room, we instantly knew this whole exhibition was going to be magical. There were mannequins all wearing Dior classic pieces from the famous ‘upside down flower’ design to the new ‘we should all be feminists’ top. This room also included a lot about the life of Christian Dior himself, it showed a few of his hand sketched designs and gave a background story to his career and how he only got into fashion after the second world war. It was so interesting to read about his upbringing and it showed a ton of information you can’t just find on Google.

Room 2

This room was all black with bright lighting that really captured every aspect of the designs. Although it was a small room there was a lot of designs to take in. You can truly imagine the effort and time that goes into each piece and the type of elegant women to wear them. There were pieces that reminded me of school girls, ball rooms, tea dates and Parisian streets. When you see these masterpieces you get a vision like no other, and to see them in real life is not only magical but inspiring to achieve a movement in fashion as great as Christian Dior did.

Room 3

Another fantasy room. There was a huge photo of Princess Margaret wearing the dress that was displayed in the middle of the room and saying I was shook is an understatement. The detail on this dress was so unique and perfectly made and to see a dress that a royal has worn right in front of your eyes mannn…. was it possible for this exhibition to get even better than this? Behind the main focus of the Princess’ dress there was a display of more stunning dresses that you literally just want to try on. It’s so hard looking at all these masterpieces without asking to take one to the fitting room. Ahaha like I could afford one anyway! Maybe in the future..


Room 4

It’s hard to pick a favorite room but by far this one comes out in my top 3. It was MAGICAL. Every single piece in here was beautifully made and beautifully displayed and honestly I was living my best life in this room. There were pinks, whites, blues, all the luxury made me want to be a royal myself! It reminded me of Italy and if you know me then you will know how much I love Italy. Honestly looking back at the pictures from this room now it still gets me speechless. It made me excited for my future and what is in store in the fashion world. I also love European history whether that be French, Italian and of course especially British, so to be transported back in time through fashion and by one of the most luxurious designers, I was dumbfounded.


Room 5

AHH, this room!!! Presented in this room were all the designs inspired by different countries. Egypt (you can probably guess which one that is), Italy, India and China, it was so amazing to see and you can definitely tell from each one the similarities between the fashion and the country. I love experimental fashion and seeing what inspires the designer to create what they do and knowing that each one is inspired by different countries is so creative and interesting to see and I really do appreciate how Christian Dior has included a variety of cultures that he see’s as a vision for his designs, and they turned out amazing!


Room 6 

Another amazing room. The flowers coming down from the ceiling really added to the luxury effect and I later discovered that the reason behind them was because Christian Dior actually got very inspired for his designs by nature and sitting outside in his French home sketching flowers. As I mentioned earlier ‘the upside down flower’ design, this is a design inspired by flowers representing women’s bodies. It captures the curves of the female body and the elegance of female features, it is a design Christian Dior often used for women to feel confident in his designs. All his floral dresses were displayed beautifully in this room but my eyes couldn’t look away from two gold pieces that were so absolutely STUNNING I was probably stood there dribbling over the detail for a good 15 minutes. Christian Dior has always been one of my top favorite designers, and seeing his pieces displayed like this gives me no doubt as to why. He truly is a huge inspiration of mine.

That comes to the end of Part 1. To continue reading be sure to check out my part 2 (link: CHRISTIAN DIOR EXHIBITION V&A LONDON – PART 2) And I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this beautiful expedition as much as I did attending it. The expedition is in The Victoria and Albert Museum in London until Sunday the 1st of September and I couldn’t recommend enough for you to go!! It truly was amazing and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to see it.

Thank you for reading, remember now to head to part 2, and let me know in the comments what room was your favorite 🙂

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