Recently I received the Dr. Jart shake and shot rubber mask in one of my Glossybox’s and did a whole blog post about it (Link here) and it’s safe to say I enjoyed my experience with the brand. With the same standards in mind, I stumbled across one of his masks in T.K. Maxx and bought it.

This one is still weird looking but supposedly made for a slightly different reason. It’s a mask that still has you looking crazy, but I admittedly felt that my skin felt a lot better afterwards.

This is the Rubber Mask Firm Lover that is said to sooth and improve skin texture. I’m breaking out really bad right now and it was essential to switch my skincare up a little so did this do the job? Read more to find out.

So, like the previous Dr. Jart mask I tried, this one also came in 2 parts. Step 1 was the little pot it came with which was the actual intensive firming care so almost like a thick liquid that you had to spread across your face for the base of your mask. So in makeup terms it would be the foundation and step 2 is all the products on top that make the foundation look good.

As soon as I applied step 1, step 2 was the actual rubber mask. It came in 2 parts which you had to apply one on the top half of your face and the other on your bottom half. I found it hard staying on so for the whole 40 minutes it’s meant to stay on I lay down on my back so it wouldn’t slip off.

As you can tell I looked CRAZY. I feel like something of the Purge. Anyway did it work though? I have to say I felt my skin was very moisturized after I took it off and I always trust Dr. Jart products to make my skin feel smooth and firm and this mask once again proves my point on why I love their products.

As I was saying I was breaking out when I tried this, it did nothing for my spots. It made my skin feel amazing but all my spots were still happily sat on my face so I wouldn’t recommend it for that aspect but if you’re looking for a mask that will add moisture to your face and make your face looking shiny makeup free, then I would recommend checking out this whole brand in general.

Thank you for reading and if there are any other products you would like me to try out and write a blog post on please let me know in the comments below, also what is your go-to face mask brand?


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  1. Alice Hope says:

    Such a funny looking mask but it somehow looks like it feels really nice? 😂 I might have to try it out! X

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