It probably comes as no surprise if you’re a constant reader of my blog that these 3 palettes are considered my favorite/go to that I couldn’t live without. These palettes are good for people maybe not the most advanced at eye makeup and they’re also brilliant for people that can get creative and do all sorts so in other words they’re suitable for any makeup lover no matter how advanced you are.

I’ve had all of these for a while now so truly know how they preform. I love all of them and they’re all individually so pigmented and easy to blend and just amazing colors that I really couldn’t recommend them enough. With that said let’s get on to the first palette and the most natural out of the 3…


Smashbox Full Exposure

I got this palette for Christmas from one of my best friends and ever since I’ve been loving it. It has all neutral shades, 7 matte and 7 shimmery and blends like a dream. They’re not the most pigmented but they are 100% buildable which I love about this palette as sometimes when you want to do a natural look you don’t want the most pigmented colors.

I have nooo clue how to achieve the perfect smokey eye but this palette is so good for beginners who are trying to achieve that or have the best colors for a natural eye. I rarely use the top 3 on the right that are smokey glitter shades as I’m not one to always rock a smokey eye but every other color besides them can make a perfect natural eye, and that even includes the black shade which you can blend into your outer V to create depth.

Overall if you’re looking to buy the perfect palette that contains all the shades you need to achieve the perfect natural/smokey look than this is 100% my highest recommendation at the moment.

Link to buy: Smashbox Full Exposure Palette


Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette 

This is another palette I got gifted from that same friend so I mean.. Shoutout to Lydia. This palette is perfect for a glam look hence its name. It has red/orangey tones with 5 shimmers and 9 mattes. There’s some browns in there and shimmery pinks, a black, the perfect inner corner white and overall all the colors you need to have that perfect glamorous eye makeup look.

All the colors blend together well but the only negative has to be that because the shadows are so pigmented a lot of fallout occurs. For this I could only recommend to do your eyes before foundation or any part of your face that you wouldn’t want to rub off.

The palette comes with a double sided brush and what I love to do is wet the flat side for the shimmers and omg it makes the pigmentation 10x more glamorous, and it’s a perfect hack for the ultimate wet glam makeup look.

Link to buy: Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette


Violet Voss Holy Grail 

I remember wanting this palette for forever before I got it and when I finally did I immediately experimented with all the looks I could do with it. If you can’t already tell by now, I love palettes with a mixture between mattes and shimmers and I feel when brands do this you also get more of your moneys worth instead of having to buy multiple palettes. There’s 12 shimmers and 8 mattes and all together 20 different shades.

This palette is also amazing for a glam look as it includes different shades of browns and reds. They’re pretty pigmented but very buildable too so if you want a more intense look then all you have to do if add more to your brush and it does end up looking very effective. The shades blend perfectly together but again because of the pigment I have noticed a fair amount of fall out.

Overall it is such an amazing palette and 100% worth the money due to its quality. You get a ton of different shades and can create amazing looks with it, so if you’re into a bronzed/red glam then this palette is definitely for you.

Link to buy: Violet Voss Holy Grail Eyeshadow palette

Thank you for reading, and if there are any other brands/products you would like me to check out or any fashion post ideas then please leave a comment down below.

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