This month started with me reading one of my new favorite books I’ve ever read that I seriously have no idea why I didn’t consider reading it sooner because it’s totally up my street and very highly raved about and most importantly all about the fashion world (I bet you can guess which one I’m talking about already). It then went to a mystery case all inside the house of commons to a historical fiction which you all know are my favorites and this one did not let me down. And finishing this month was a quick read by none other than J.K Rowling that of course I’ll soon be getting into.

3/4 of these books I could re-read as they were so memorable and well written. So we have a historical fiction as I mentioned, a thriller fiction, a humored chick lit fictional novel and a fictional fact book for the wizarding world. Although I can’t pick a favorite this month, let’s start with my favorite genre: historical fiction.

The Ghost Tree by Barbara Erskine

This novel I will admit is NOTHING like I expected it was going to be. I got gifted it from one of my Mum’s friends and read the blurb, thought it sounded interesting but didn’t actually think much of it. So it’s safe to say the blurb doesn’t do it much justice. After reading the first page I was imidiently gripped. It starts of through the life of the character Thomas in 1760 which you see grow up into a father from a little boy while facing many battles and problems of a working lower class family in those days.

Throughout the book we see into the thoughts of numerous characters. After hearing the beginning of Thomas’ story we are transported into the present day to read all about Ruth’s life. After Ruth’s father recently passing away she heads up to his house in Edinburgh to collect his belongings only to discover that someone had been living with him throughout the last weeks of his life that her father has now allegedly changed his will so that this man ‘Timothy’ is now the new owner of his house and all of Ruth’s father’s money and belongings are no longer getting passed down to her.

Heartbroken Ruth’s first thought was to deal with this man that claimed to be her long lost brother and then move in with her celebrity chef friend Finlay into a safe environment where she’s not on her own. While Ruth was looking around her father’s house she discovered a diary by one of her great great great great great grandfathers which was Thomas Erskine (the life we see at the beginning of the book). While she studies this diary every morning and night she is discovering more and more about her ancestors while also witnessing paranormal activity in her own home by spirits succumbed up from this diary.

Once Finlay gets called to London for a press event, Ruth is left to look after the house alone. Timothy and his sister April throughout the novel wanted revenge on Ruth for taking all ‘their’ belongings. They kept making unexpected appearances to wherever Ruth was staying, that Ruth no longer felt save alone and moved in with her other friend Mal. Mal was a big believer in Ruth bringing spirits back from the 1700’s and could also feel their presence in the house. The whole book was a whopping 576 pages long so as you can imagine I have missed out A TON of information and that’s mainly because I don’t want to ruin it for you.

This is another book that I can imagine getting turned into a film soon because the story line is amazing and you definitely never want to put the book down. There’s many twists and turns in it and the ending is extremely unexpected.

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

I am obsessed with fashion. My ambition is to see myself in the fashion industry. How on earth have I never read The Devil Wears Prada before 2019? I was out shopping in Waterstones in Manchester then came across it in the fashion section. I’ve heard about it many times before but never actually got round to reading it or even watching it! And of course I loved it. As soon as I finished the book I watched the film straight after and although it was amazing, no films are really as good as the books are they?

So if you’re one of the ones living under a rock like I was and has never read The Devil Wears Prada here’s a brief overview: It’s about a student author who just recently finished college and is looking for a job when she stumbles across a position of being one of the most popular people in fashion’s personal assistant hoping that once she finishes it she will secure a job at a writing company where she’s always wanted to work. Little does she know at this point how hard it will be and the amount of time she has to put in to caring for Miranda Priestly – her new boss.

Miranda Priestly isn’t the nicest. She’s stuck up and the most basic stereotype of a boss in the fashion industry. The whole novel is a big mockery of the fashion industry and how stupidly Andrea (the main character) is treated over not getting her boss’s coffee to her on time or having sent only 2 copies of the latest Harry Potter books to her boss’s apartment in France where she had to ring up the pilot that took them, the cab driver who drove them to the hotel and then the hotel manager for not having them there on time.

The ending is also very good and completely different to the one in the film. The main character Andrea goes through many ups and downs which we can all relate too on a regular and overall it’s an amazingly humored and thought out book that you are likely to enjoy even if you don’t have the biggest interest in fashion. You get to see Andrea’s life controlled by people known to be ‘the most perfect in the world’ that turn up to work looking like they’ve just stepped off the runway and that’s her work mates in the fashion industry. Andrea gets a make over, she is banned from wearing heels lower than 3-inch, and is now wearing the latest Chanel pieces, but is this really what Andrea wanted from the beginning? It’s a crime not to read it.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them by J.K.Rowling 

Okay so this one isn’t exactly a story book, it’s all about the beasts featured across all of the Harry Potter books including their names, what they do, how frightening they are, where they live and what they can do to muggles. It’s a short book that’s written in the sense of being Newt Scamander’s diary and you’re very likely to finish it all in one sitting. If you’re a Harry Potter geek which I know you probably are or if not you should be, you’ll enjoy learning about these different creatures.

All the money made from this book goes to the charity Comic Relief which helps some of the poorest most vulnerable people in the poorest countries of the world, which is such a J.K. Rowling thing to do as she’s one of the sweetest authors always working for different charities.

There’s not too much to say about this book as it is pretty much all facts on the beasts in wizardary, so I would only recommend to people that actually like Harry Potter otherwise this type of book isn’t for you.

An Anatomy Of A Scandal by Sarah Vaughan 

This was another novel gifted to me by my mum’s friend which I read the blurb and didn’t think much of. Seriously what is it with these top tier writers not making the most intriguing blurbs? Anyway after reading the first chapter, I couldn’t put it down. It’s a very well written story where again you get to see through the thoughts of multiple characters. There’s a twist in the middle that really does leave you shook, and there’s multiple times you really feel for the characters and want to encourage them to continue.

The story line is a barrister named Kate who one day gets assigned to take up a rape case against the prime minister’s best friend and his employee. Without giving too much away, Kate already knows what this man is capable of so immidiently knows that he is guilty. She has to go through the challenge of gathering up as much evidence as possible and she will not stop until this man is convicted of what he has done. Oh and did I mention this man already had a wife and a healthy family?

It’s one of those books that will having you feeling on edge the whole way through and you won’t want to stop reading to find out what happens. It’s very gripping from the start and is a perfect book to read while traveling as it’s a real thriller than you can just read and read and read without it getting boring.


These book reviews are always posts I love to write and I hope to keep this series up each month. I have some amazing books lined up for the month of July which I can’t wait to get through and tell you guys about. If there’s any books you would like to recommend to me please let me know in the comment or if you’ve already read any of the books I’ve mentioned I would love to hear your thoughts on them.

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