One of my favorite designers ever was Karl Lagerfeld due to his luxurious quality items and recognizable designs from everywhere across the world, Chanel is probably the most well known high fashion brand ever. But of course that comes with the price tag of thousands of pounds and here I am with two Chanel inspired looks, both for under £100.

When thinking of Chanel, tweed instantly comes to mind. Here are two tweed outfit’s that I feel most confident in for an affordable price that don’t really need that much styling but accessorizing and the reasoning behind the styles I chose. 

Link to buy: Check Tweed Waistcoat

How cute is this tweed waistcoat though? Not only is it super cute it’s also luxurious quality. I’ve never tried anything Chanel on but I can’t imagine it being far different to this. Zara are honestly one of the best places to buy items similar to Chanel designs for a completely affordable price and there are SO many different types of tweed items that look and feel luxurious, I have so many of them and always feel my best when I’m wearing them.

I wore the waistcoat on its own without anything underneath. I wanted it to be exactly like something straight out of the Chanel Cruise 2019 catwalk and keeping it minimal to achieve this was essential. For shoes, if you know me then you’d know how much Cara Delevingne inspires me and since she’s one of the biggest faces for Chanel of course I went for a Cara Chanel look and paired the luxurious, high fashion looking waistcoat with my high top Vans. I wore a glam makeup only without any eyeshadow because Chanel aren’t known for ‘out there’ makeup looks.

Now what made this look for me was the gold statement headpiece. It added to the Chanel vibe of course but also made the outfit appear a lot more done up. The headpiece was a very nice touch and when incorporating a brand as luxury as Chanel into your look, accessorizing is a necessity.

Link to buy: Red Tweed Button Mini Skirt

Let’s start off by saying this skirt was only £15! Although it isn’t exactly near Chanel quality for £15 can you really go wrong? It’s definitely a design you would see on a Chanel Cruise runway. It’s a tweed pencil skirt with gold buttons which is short and high waisted, what’s not to love? I paired it with a white tennis style top which has elements of pink and navy in it which compliments the look as everything is coordinating.

This skirt would also look amazing with other tweed items. If you haven’t seen the Chanel Cruise runway I will leave a link to it at the bottom of this post which you can watch for inspiration for your looks. There are many times where the stylist has paired tweed with tweed and I am all here for it. In the upcoming future hopefully I will get the chance to show you some looks where I style tweed on tweed exactly like the designs Karl Lagerfeld had created for Chanel.

Thank you for reading, and if you have any more high fashion brands you would like me to create looks inspired by or brands you would like me to write a review on please leave a comment down below.

My Instagram: @tjblogs

Link to watch: Chanel Cruise 2019/20 Runway Show

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