Hey guys, I’m finally on the ball again with all my fashion posts. Since summer’s coming up, of course what better post to make that a styling summer skirts? When it’s humid outside there’s nothing worse than being stuck outside in jeans and especially in the city where it’s double the heat than on the coast (like where I live). That means skirts and shorts are 100% going to be your best option when getting dressed for the day in the morning.

Now I’m open to wear anything in fashion as not only do I find it a way of expressing myself but also fun when I experiment with different styles and brands, but I hardly ever wear skirts. Now that could just be because the UK barely see’s heat more than 15 degrees or just because they never really grab my attention to buy and style, but with summer coming up and the rumor of us hitting over 30 degrees this week, here are 2 looks I put together for this upcoming summer.

Link to skirt: Green Wavy Animal Satin Bias Skirt

There was a time where I would never wear a skirt that goes past my knees, now one of the most popular trends of today are high waisted skirts that go up to your ankles and also animal print… 2016 me would be cringing. Nevertheless I love the black and green together. The slit on the leg makes the skirt more fashionable than Grandma style which I know a lot of us would have considered these skirts not that long ago. I wanted the whole look to appear coordinated and high fashion so since the skirt was green I wore emerald green earrings, and a black high neck long sleeved top with black wedges.

I wanted the whole focus to be on the skirt so I kept color to a minimal. The material was satin, so perfect for the summer and it isn’t at all hard to move in. It also fit’s like a glove and although you can’t tell in the picture it really compliments your body shape which is an element I love about it and something I can just throw on during the summer time when it gets hot out.

Link to set: Black Split Detail Midi Skirt

Black Gingham Jersey Tie Front Bralet

Another style that is beginning to become more popular now is matching sets, and especially in the summer time. What’s cuter than a checkered two piece when you’re out on the beach? Not only was it cute, but you definitely won’t get too hot in it because let’s be real there’s hardly anything too it. The skirt again has a slit in it and it’s fitted to really emphasizes your figure. This skirt would also be cute with an all black top as omg this top was the worst thing I’ve ever put on. Do you ever get those clothes that are so confusing to put on and once you finally get it on you consider cutting it off as there’s no way that is coming off how you got it on? Because this was one of those for me.

There’s so many cute summery sets like this out there that are affordable it is almost an essential to have one just in case in your wardrobe.

Thank you for reading, and if you have any more brands you would like me to check out and write a review on please leave a comment down below.

My Instagram: @tjblogs

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