I’m finally getting around to doing another VERY affordable clothing haul. We all love a good bargain and the website ‘I Saw it first’ is FULL of them. This is one of those brands that almost every single influencer on Instagram promotes and of course I had to see for myself if the hype was really worth it. It’s safe to say it was, and although you may not particularly like every item I have styled in this post, they were all 100% worth their price.

I created 3 different outfits, all that are very my style and something I’d wear on a daily. They’re all pretty casual and something you can go out anywhere in as well as most importantly being affordable. With that said let’s get straight into it..

Links to buy: White Spicy Spice Slogan Oversized Tee

Blue Zip Pocket Cargo Trousers

*Drawing by the Amazing @thel.usma on Instagram)

This is outfit number 1 and it’s safe to say I am obsessed with these cargo pants. At £7.50, you really can’t go wrong with these. I love cargo pants and already own too many, but none like this. First off, the color is very uncommon for these types of pants so it isn’t likely many people are going to be wearing the same ones and secondly, the style is completely different to any type of cargo pants I’ve ever seen. It has pockets going all the way down along the front, 2 on the bum and black zip detailing right near the bottom of the pants above the ankles. Seriously I couldn’t even begin on how often cargo pants come in handy when looking for a nice laid-back outfit, I’m literally wearing them as I’m writing this.

The top is plain with pops of color and was only £7.20! I assume it’s meant to be associated with the Spice Girls which kind of creates a persona to your look. My style is no where near basic so to pair this top with normal black jeans is a huge no no in my books, since it was a plain top adding colorful pants made everything appear more playful and unique as well as accessorizing with huge sparkly hoops.

Links to buy: White Women Law Slogan Oversized T Shirt

Neon Orange Wet Look Snake Print High Waist Leggings

I don’t know about you guys, but I love wearing controversial T Shirts with things on that I believe in. This top is a great example of this with all the abortion laws taking place in America (which I am completely against btw) the top reads ‘Men Shouldn’t Be Making Laws About Womens Bodies’ and I mean…. how correct. This top was only £7.20 again, and totally worth it. It’s a real conversation starter and shows clearly what you stand for in social issues which is a huge element I love in fashion.

Oof and these pants. If you follow me on Instagram you’d know how much I love my snakeskin pants so to find them in orange I knew I instantly had to buy and for £5, there was no way I was leaving them there. Since I wanted them to be a statement piece I thought that the plain white T Shirt would look amazing paired with it, and I was right. Also the quality of these were seriously insane for only £5! It’s definitely worth checking them out.

Link to buy: Lime Green Half Zip Cropped Jacket

Black Combat Cargo Trousers

This furry, fluffy, green jacket was the dearest thing out of this whole post and it was only £10! Crazy right? I’ve seen jackets similar to these sold for almost £200 and here I am wearing a £10 one that looks just as good. Although, I probably wouldn’t wear it on its own. I had to accessorize with a cross body bum bag and black shades that matched the pants. It’s a very big statement piece which you can already tell and it’s neon so what’s not to love? Your friends will definitely spot you from a mile away when you’re wearing this.

I paired it with some black cargo pants that you know by now I am obsessed with. The black pants with the black accessories and black shoes all made a put together look and made everything look more expensive than it was.

I like doing posts like this where I set myself challenges just like in my TESTING PLT £5 DRESSES  post, where I had a limited amount of money to create an outfit. I hope to prove that money doesn’t automatically mean better style and cool looks can still be made on a budget.

Thank you for reading and if anyone has anymore tips on where to buy affordable clothing and style them, or any suggestions on brands I should check out, please leave a comment below.

My Instagram – @tjblogs



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