Ever wondered what it’s like to live in a whole different person’s life for a day? Well my name’s Thalia, I’m a 17 year old British Fashion & Beauty blogger and I’ve currently just finished my first year in college. This post isn’t going to be an insight of my emotions throughout the day it’s going to be what I get up to on a regular day full of blogging and especially now that I’ve finished college for the summer and I can fully focus on my blog.

So I took a few photos throughout the day on one of the days last week that I fully committed to my blog, and this is what I got up too: My day started at 5am to the sound of the Sugarbabes ‘About you now’ (yup, that’s my alarm sound) where I had 30 minutes to get up and ready for a shoot on the beach for an upcoming project. That project btw is out now on my Youtube channel: Fire Lookbook. This isn’t something I do throughout the year but I so prefer getting up early to shoot for my blog because a) there’s a lot less people around and b) it went on for a few days so around this time in the morning each day the lighting was always the same.

This finished around 6:30am when I got home and immediately edited the video for my Youtube. I had a blog post scheduled to go out that day also which I had to make some last minute adjustments too and scheduled them both to go up around the same time. Because it was so early I sat on the sofa and read for about an hour before turning on ITV News just to hear Piers Morgan rant about the Trump rally that day in London.

I normally sit watching the news with my breakfast which is 2 slices of toast and a cup of tea and that hasn’t changed in years. I hardly ever drink coffee but let’s face it, when you wake up at 5am can you really last the whole day without one cup of coffee? I think not.


From about 9am – 11am I worked on my blog. I wrote 2 blog posts (which are on their way) and took photographs for some products I’m going to be reviewing. Since WordPress allows you to follow other bloggers I always like to scroll through my feed reading about people’s favorite makeup items at the minute and fashion brands that people are loving. A few bloggers I am loving right now are Jessica RigaIn The Frow and Beyoutifulbrunette.

I then actually got ready for the day. On this particular day I went for a day out with my mum and grandma where we went for dinner and then shopping. Because of all the content I uploaded that morning (Instagram, Youtube and a Blog post) when I got home the first thing I did was responded to any comments. It was around 5pm at this time and all my parcels from the day had already arrived. I tried on all my outfits and sorted out what went with what (these were my Parklife outfits) and after finishing I got straight into my PJ’s and chilled for a while.

That night, my cousin was down from Ireland so we all went to visit her. We went at about 7pm (no I did not go in my PJ’s I got changed) and had snacks and drinks while everyone caught up with each other. We got home at about 9:30pm and I brushed my teeth and went straight to bed. I try to aim to get about 8 hours sleep a night and I get tired very easily so I was so glad to get under my covers that night. I had Absolutely Fabulous on my little Argos tv and watched the first season until I fell asleep.

This is not what I do every single day, but I thought I would chose a day which is dedicated to blogging and sharing content. I love to do this and I wouldn’t change it for a thing and I’m so fortunate to have found the productivity to continue to produce fashion & beauty related content.

Thank you for reading and if you have any other posts like this you’d like me to do or any questions about my blog, be sure to let me know in the comments.

My Instagram: @tjblogs

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  1. moviefan607 says:

    It’s awesome Thaila


  2. Loved reading about how you spend your day as a blogger! That is true about being up early to shoot lol Keep it up girl!

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  3. Shreya Yadav says:

    This was a good read.So interesting 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great article. Wow you’re a British fashion blogger..? I love Kate Middleton she’s my beauty and fashion idol. She’s one of my favorite royals. I love her style of outfits,hair and makeup 💄 🥰❤️💕😍

    Liked by 1 person

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