Let’s start off by applauding a fellow Fashion blogger for this amazing, incredible fashion book that tackles all the past and current problems in the fashion industry and guides us through how the blogging community is influencing more and more fashion trends as the days go by. Bloggers are becoming more and more successful in the Fashion industry and just like Victoria (Inthefrow) they are getting invited to the latest luxury fashion shows across the world and teaming with big brands such as Dior and Dolce & Gabbana.

It shows how the blogging industry started and when it started to grow in popularity and brands started to take advantage of their influence. Victoria has been writing her blog since she was in University so of course she is fully aware of all the changes bloggers have experienced. Victoria is probably an inspiration to many of us fashion bloggers due to her hard work and determination resulting in her major success. I read this book over the weekend and since it was my first real book created by a blogger that I’ve ever read it has made me so eager to start buying more such as Aimee Song’s and Chiara Ferrangi’s (even though it’s in Italian I soooo want to read it!) and start educating myself more on the blogging industry in fashion than just on fashion itself.

Just so you all know – I absolutely loved it.

Not that you should judge a book by its cover but as soon as I saw the cover on Amazon I knew I had to have it. It’s one of those beautiful table books that you can imagine most people describe as ‘aesthetically pleasing’. The font’s pretty and girly, the colors are contrasting with luxurious shades of gold and grey as well as the big bold title ‘The New Fashion Rules’ standing out immediately from the other side of the room. Again – not that you should judge a book by its cover, but it is really pretty and well thought out and what it contains inside is just as amazing and I can’t wait for you guys to read it and tell me what you think!

So, the book’s sectioned into 6 different rules. I will do a break down of the contents spoiler-free so of course you still get to educate yourself’s on the different topics. There’s so much information in this book and as you’re reading it, it literally just feels like you’re reading one big blog post it’s amazing!! There’s also pictures throughout to support Victoria’s ideas that are also as amazing and there are many links to other Bloggers accounts which was a feature that I loved as a lot of them I actually didn’t know.

Rule 1: Be accessible and easy to find

This rule was all about brands. It was about the brands from all across the globe that are easy to find in whatever country even when they’re only based in one. It’s about the effects of online shopping and how that has really stepped up in the fashion industry and how it began to become more and more popular. It also shows the effects big influencers had such as Kate Moss on purchases and how advertisement on social media sites has really boosted brands sales.

Rule 2: Be aware of the impacts

This chapter consists of how counterfeits are damaging the fashion industry, our shopping habits are being documented and we’re most likely to keep getting advertisements on that certain brand that we’ve just Googled to persuade us to buy it, and also a guide on fast fashion and where to resell your clothes when it comes to it to remain sustainable.

Rule 3: Be Social

This is the chapter that covers everything about the blogging industry on social media. It talks about how the majority of Instagram is built of photoshopped photos and only cover the highlights of our life. It talks about shopping trends and how social media promotes these as well as influencers and bloggers always giving their followers style    inspiration and most importantly how social media has impacted hugely on the fashion industry.

Rule 4: Be culturally aware and diverse

I loved this chapter. This was all about how the fashion industry is raising its voice to support and stand with social problems. It covers how there’s now plus size ranges – so fashion to fit all shapes and sizes, how the majority of brands have banned fur, the times up movement and also a cry for inclusivity and diversity across all aspects of the industry.

Rule 5: Be innovative

This chapter again focused mainly on the development of brands. From Nike’s trainer customization to selling clothes on Ebay for the first time and creating a whole brand out of it. This section covers how the fashion industry is continuously developing without us even realizing. It also covers social media hashtags that brands use to notice smaller accounts and possibly re-post their images of them wearing/using the product.

Rule 6: Be the first to adapt

This was my personal favorite rule as it talked about all the success bloggers have achieved across the years. It talks about how bloggers have created collaborations with big brands and also some even creating their own. It basically just talks about how inspiring bloggers are in the fashion industry and how they are becoming more and more successful and a threat to fashion journalists.

Overall, if you love fashion I can guarantee you you will love this book. I enjoyed every aspect of it from start to finish and I seriously hope that Victoria writes more in the future. This is a book I already know I’m going to keep going back to for inspiration in the future. I would highly, highly recommend! I learnt so much about the industry and it is just a fact that you will too.

If you’ve enjoyed this post and have any other fashion/blogging book recommendations be sure to let me know in the comments or if you’ve read this inspiring book already I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Thank you for reading.

Link to buy the book: The New Fashion Rules

Link to Victoria’s blog: Inthefrow

My Instagram: @tjblogs


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  1. mozesjanka says:

    Such an enchanting review! Enjoyed it a lot!:)

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    1. Thalia Jeavons says:

      Thank you 🙂


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