Another makeup related post? My blog is literally turning into an online version of Glamour magazine. With that said, I can almost guarantee that my next post is going to be fashion related. As much as I’m obsessed with fashion, I love sharing with you guys my favorite products in relation to the beauty industry. I feel that makeup and fashion are similar in the sense of being able to use them to be expressive. I mean you don’t wear a bright green coat or bright green eye shadow if you don’t want to be seen right?

When it comes to summer time I love to wear a really minimal amount of makeup if none at all. I feel we all switch our routines up a little and maybe use lighter foundations or a less pigmented bronzer, we all have our preferred products for the different seasons and this is totally normal because of the change of weather. Saying that, the UK’s probably typical known for not having the best summers which is pretty true but last year we got temperatures as high as 30°C and since none of us were expecting it, it’s safe to say that there wasn’t one person that didn’t look like they weren’t melting away while wearing a face FULL of makeup.

There’s 5 items I’ve chose for this post, all I’ve had for almost a year so I’ve had plenty of experience with each of them and I’ve even raved about some of them in past posts. Summer is a time I feel we tend to wear less makeup and make it more glowy and bronzed so we still look fresh but don’t feel like we’re constantly in a sauna. On that note let’s jump into the top makeup items you NEED for this upcoming summer (sorry to all my Australian readers I know I’ve just missed it, but it could still give you an idea for next years!!).

Urban Decay Setting Spray

Starting with probably a summer essential – A setting spray. Now, I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much you need to invest in a good setting spray. They are game changing. Not once have I worn a full face of makeup with this setting spray and felt oily. Another one I love is the Mario Badescu one but overall this Urban Decay one is my favorite for a most long lasting face ever. That means not one crack of foundation occurs, not one crease of eye shadow and most importantly no change in the makeup.

I know, I know this was hyped about back in 2015 but the best makeup products never really go out of style like trends do. I do normally have pretty oily skin and it really gets worse as you could imagine in the summer, and if you find this relatable about yourself than I would definitely recommend this Urban Decay Setting Spray for a long lasting makeup look that you can wear throughout the summer no matter how hot it is outside.

Benefit Cream Eyeshadow 

I know it’s probably not just me who would dislike to wear a full glam eye shadow look in the summer and spend an extra hour in the bedroom trying to get that perfect cut crease and winged eyeliner. Although they look amazing, in 20+ degree heat, it’s a no from me. I only discovered the hack last year to use your bronzer as eyeshadow for the perfect sunkissed look and even though I have an endless amount of eyeshadow palettes I still always found myself going back to this hack.

Once I got bored of that, I switched it up to this Benefit Cream Eyeshadow in the shade ‘Bikini Tini’. It’s almost like a highlighter but 100% more pigmented. I use this ALL over my eye lid for a perfect summer glow appearance and it really looks like you’ve made much more of an effort than applying a single eyeshadow. I love to recommend this product to everyone because it creates such a great effect. And as if it couldn’t get any better, it is the nicest blending eyeshadow I have ever used so far and that is not over exaggerated one bit. Instead of using brushes, for this I use eyeshadow applicators (you know the ones we used to use back in the early years of high school when we didn’t know makeup brushes were a thing)! It’s so easy to blend in with other colors too but it makes such an amazing difference for your everyday summer looks and I can almost bet that you’re bound to get complimented on it at least once every time you wear it.

NYX Baked Blush

Most of us would probably prefer bronzer when it comes to choosing between one or the other (myself also) but in the summer time I feel as though as well as having a sunkissed glow, it’s also nice to add a little color. I’ve been using this blush for years! I remember when I first brought one, it was from the NYX section in Target when I went to Florida because it was at the time when NYX wasn’t available in the UK so I went mad and brought slightly everything I could see.

Since then, I’ve always got this blush out during the summer time. It gives off a nice effect of rosy cheeks while also creating glowy skin. It’s also one of them blushes that still look good with no foundation and since faux freckles are hugely popular right now, using a blush as a base for them makes them pop that even more and this blush is just the right thing for that.

Estée Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup 

I change my original everyday use foundation to this invisible foundation by Estée Lauder during the summer time and it’s one of the best things in my makeup routine I’ve ever done. There’s not a single foundation I would recommend more to you during the summer time than this one. You shake it then apply it and honestly it blends like a dream, looks like a dream and works like a dream, I really have nothing negative to say about it.

You get an average amount of product and it retails for £28 which is a little pricey but for how well the product works I would 100% recommend it. It’s very low coverage which I think we can all agree is the best type of foundation during the summer. Although it’s low coverage it works well with other products on top of it and doesn’t look too much like you have no makeup on at all. It hides dark circles and redness while feeling like you have no makeup on at all since it’s that light weight. Overall it is the perfect foundation for this upcoming summer.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

Of course I had to include this Fenty gloss bomb. If you’ve been living under a rock this year and don’t know how good this is, well lucky enough I’m here to tell you. This lipgloss from the Gods feels as good as it looks. It delivers shine, moisture, pigmentation, basically everything under the sun. The huge wand it comes with is designed to make your lips look fuller and smoother. I’ve talked about this gloss in so many of my blog posts because I seriously can’t get enough of it. It’s my everyday go to and especially in the summer. It moisturizes so that you don’t have to keep topping up on lip balm and has a shine that makes you look like you’ve just came down from lipgloss heaven, it’s seriously a must have!!

Thank you for reading, and if there are any other brands/products you would like me to write a review on or any fashion post ideas then please leave a comment down below.

Also, I need help with finding my ultimate gift from God type mascara that doesn’t smudge for this summer so let me know what you’re favorites are and I will definitely check them out.

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